Heat Dissipation

High Luminance & Heat Dissipation Technology

  • With its wealth of heat dissipation designs, high luminosity, selection of heat dissipating materials, plating technology and other top-of-the-line offerings Satosen offers the ultimate in heat dissipation technology.
  • High luminance technology has led to improved reflectance due to dedicated LED white substrates and solder resistance, helping to reduce color loss during implementation and use.
  • Provides optimal surface treatment for luminance reflector processing and LED wavelengths.
  • Provides a variety of heat dissipation measures aimed at lowering the chip’s junction temperature.
    V cut, router and press processing are all possible for contouring work.

    • Metal base (aluminum, copper) printed circuit board
    • Heat dissipation CEM-3, heat dissipation FR-4, double-faced heat dissipation, heat dissipating multi-layer printed circuit board
    • Heat dissipating metal-bonded printed circuit board
    • Metal direct-bonded printed circuit board

Heat dissipating metal bonded printed circuit board Heat dissipation multi-layer printed circuit board High luminance spot-faced reflector

  • Heat dissipation is possible using a copper paste thermal via plug in the through hole.
  • Heat sink pin-induced heat dissipation is possible by means of pin insertion to the through hole.